Ridgecrest South Residential Community

Date Completed: 2009

Sq. Footage: 345,000

The project consists of a 5-story, 962 bed residential component that includes 220 units with a primary configuration of an apartment style with a living room, kitchenette, two bathrooms and four bedrooms per unit. The project also includes 38 two-person shared suites, and 2 one-bedroom units.

There are two faculty-in-residence units with two bedrooms and two graduate assistant units with 1 bedroom. A new 950 car parking structure is also part of the project. To maximize the efficiency of the site, the parking structure will be built into the hillside and the five stories of new housing will be constructed on top of the deck.

The appearance of the buildings maintains the typical Georgian style of the campus and the surrounding residential buildings. While the construction method varies from that of the nearby residential communities, the overall architectural style will blend perfectly. The brick and stucco exterior finishes, divided-light windows, and shingled roofs have been selected to complement the neighboring buildings.

The development of the outdoor spaces surrounding the new buildings is an exciting opportunity. Because the building is to be constructed on top of the parking structure, these areas will be developed as “urban plazas”. The plazas will have a variety of seating options, paving patterns and tree planters. Also, a portion of the plaza will be planned for active recreation such as volleyball. Indoor amenities include multi-purpose spaces for HRC programming, and media and game rooms for casual student gatherings. Students will also have access to community kitchens, laundry rooms, and vending spaces.